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Applegate: Brand Guidelines

Developing a brand guidelines document that showcases the heart and soul of the brand.


The Applegate brand is all about a “crafted” and “touched by hand” visual aesthetic which helps to demonstrate that Applegate products are produced by people, and not machines. This painterly look and feel also helps to bring out the creativity of the band, which appeals to millions of customers. However, when things are created by hand, it’s hard to create consistency and quality. Hence the need for a guidelines document which would provide the creative boundaries for the brand.

Nicknack worked closely with the client to evolve a brand guidelines document which covered key strategic, communication, and creative aspects of the brand. Written and visual content was then developed for three basic sections:

  • Strategic themes i.e. Mission/ Vision, Image, Personality, Voice, Trademarks
  • Brand identity themes i.e. Logo usage, Formats/ Lock ups, Colour Palette, Typography
  • Executional themes i.e. Photography, Packaging
The entire document was developed to echo the brand’s “crafted” and “touched by hand” aesthetic. All of the illustrations, watercolour paintings and typographic concepts were developed in-house by Nicknack to ensure that every page of the document outlined the brand guidelines in a manner that was not only straightforward and clear, but also visually engaging and inspiring.
A custom typeface (Artful Fingers) was also developed by Nicknack to help bring visual consistency to the brand, whilst at the same time strengthening the sense of visual uniqueness that could be owned by the brand.

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