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Gametraders: Visual Identity

Rebranding initiatives aren’t just about embracing a new generation. It’s about getting them to embrace you.


Gametraders, a computer games franchise with stores across Australia, wanted to increase its share of the market, which was being threatened by a new player, EB Games. On closer examination of the situation, Nicknack discovered that the reason for the brand’s slide was that its target demographic had aged. The youngsters who once formed the core audience were now adults, and the brand had lost its appeal with the upcoming generation of gamers. Clearly, the brand needed to redefine its audience and appeal to young teenagers who could influence purchases. Another marketing need specified by the client was the development of a flexible system which would allow for a franchise business model to be consistent on branding issues.

Nicknack embraced the challenge with much enthusiasm, given its in-depth understanding of consumer environments and youth psyche. A unique visual language that reinforced the language of gaming consoles was developed, which had the added benefit of being flexible, thus allowing for longevity in a retail environment. A comprehensive brand strategy was also developed that included every minute detail of communication. From shop stationery and signage to posters and point-of-sale collateral, every item was designed according to a well-defined set of brand guidelines.

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