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Price’s Wines

Packaging and label design for boutique wine brand


Price’s Wines is a series of old vine, limited release wines from a single vineyard in South Australia’s McLaren Vale region. A label design solution was needed that would not only showcase each varietal, but also present them as part of a unified Price’s brand. The naming approach to these wines is quite interesting, with each varietal named after the vineyard block in which it is grown.

Block 3: Shiraz

Block 4: Shiraz/ Malbec

Block 5: Cabernet Sauvignon

Block 8: Shiraz/Cabernet NV

The design challenge was to make each label distinct so that the varietal for each block would be clear.

The branding strategy was to design each block number uniquely so that they all looked different. This was also achieved through different colours being assigned to each block. The result is that whilst each block clearly stands out on its own, all the labels, when seen together, clearly reflect a family feel under the Price’s brand.

In terms of a design strategy, bold colours were used to distinguish each block, with the use of the diagonal element adding a traditional touch to an otherwise contemporary look and feel.

Production finishes of gold and silver foiling were also used to give the packaging a premium and sophisticated look that would attract a younger audiences who were looking for bold, new flavour experiences, and who were open to exploring new brands.

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