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Rural Bank: B2B Campaign

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The brand launch phase was highly successful with Rural Bank establishing itself  amongst clients in key markets as a credible and viable alternative to the Big 4. Product uptake was high, partly owing to high internal morale driven by the Bank’s new vision and identity. The brand was also well received in metro markets for its investment products. However, with new growth targets to achieve, the brand needed to make its way into new markets. The question on everybody’s mind was – Did the brand have enough flex to appeal to a completely new set of audiences in new markets?

Creative Strategy
Three potential test markets were identified for a pilot campaign in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. The client’s brief was to address the unique regional and seasonal agribusiness challenges of these areas with a single, localised, scalable campaign. Nicknack worked alongside the client’s team to develop comprehensive strategies for product development and communications that would enable more effective lead generation, follow up and fulfilment. The creative solution, based on the localised nature of the product, combined common farm symbols with maps of the region to produce a suite of images that were both, instantly familiar, and completely new. Along with challenging messaging, this was a powerful method of demonstrating Rural Bank’s knowledge of the local area and agribusiness opportunities.

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