Aging with Attitude

Nicknack began by developing a creative strategy based on Kalyra's previous work on proposition development and marketing plans for different audiences. This strategy was used to create a distinct look for each service category (Retirement Living, Residential Aged Care, and Help At Home service), whilst leveraging the overarching brand values across all touchpoints. The agency also developed a completely fresh look and feel that incorporated new typography and a visual language of graphic iconography based on Kalyra's existing logo.

Nicknack worked closely with Kalyra's leadership, including the CEO, CFO, Marketing Manager, and Board Member, to ensure that the new brand values and messaging were being embraced and communicated effectively throughout the new communication. The agency also created a complete suite of marketing materials, including downloadable brochures, key feature statements, flyers, handbooks, and custom-designed greeting cards. Finally, Nicknack delivered a new website with custom photography to complete the brand refresh.

Going Above and Beyond

Nicknack's work with Kalyra has resulted in a highly successful brand refresh, with a new look and feel that has created a highly distinct visual identity and helped the brand stand out in a crowded market. This refreshed approach to comms and marketing has been embraced by the organisation's leadership and effectively communicated to key stakeholders, resulting in increased engagement from internal and external audiences.

The custom-designed marketing materials, including greeting cards and other collateral, have helped to enhance the brand image and engage with target audiences, while the new website has provided a more user-friendly experience for visitors. Overall, the brand refresh has helped the client stay competitive and connect more effectively with its target audiences, paving the way for future growth and success.