Leveraging a brand’s positioning in a literal, yet engaging manner.

“You’re in good hands.” That’s the client’s mantra and their tagline. This became the creative idea that sparked the design direction for the website. Nicknack created a unique style of arms and hands providing various services. Not only did this provide a unique and engaging visual element for the design, it also added a bit of fun which was exactly what the client was after.

Using custom animations to tell a story.

With the design direction set in terms of 2D and 3D illustrations, the next step was to animate these drawings to create mini videos that add motion and dynamism to the site. Given that a lot of conveyancing is made up of legal terminology that can seem confronting and overwhelming for customers, this approach helped position Smart Conveyancing as a friendly and approachable brand who would look after the customer’s needs. Literally demonstrating that they were in good hands!

Staff portraits that bring the brand culture to life.

A mix of staff profiles and client interactions were chosen for the website photography. The aim was to capture the friendly nature of the staff at Smart Conveyancing, as well as provide a glimpse of who their customers are.

The portraits were developed in a simple style that used the brand colours as a background for consistency.

Photography that captures the heart behind the client’s service.

Custom photography was also commissioned to capture interactions between Smart Conveyancing staff and their clients. These moments of business reflected the strong relationships that Smart Conveyancing are able to develop with their clients, which is a demonstration of the value that they provide.